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Hume Pipes

Reinforced Cement Concrete

Hume Pipes

Style Earth Precast is the manufacturer of Hume Pipes in Chennai. Water systems, cultivation, sewage, electrical generation, rail transit, sewage, and hydroelectric power generation are just a few of the applications for our Hume pipes We deliver a variety of Hume pipes, including light, medium, and heavy-duty Hume pipes, with the optimum water and cement concentration across Tamil Nadu, including Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, and Hosur.

Style Earth Precast is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality Hume pipes in ChennaiOur Hume pipes offer a wide range of applications such as water supply, irrigation, drainage, power generation, rail transport, sewerage, and hydroelectric power generation, etc. The Hume pipe is also known as the spun pipe, as it is contrived while spinning the cage during pouring concrete. Our Hume pipe manufacturing process involves the feeding of the concrete manually while preparing the cages by fitting them into the mould as per pipe size. The concrete mix is poured into the spinning mould after the preparation of the reinforced cage. A high-grade concrete mix above M30 is considered ideal for Hume pipe manufacturing. A Hume pipe-making machine is used to cast the Hume pipes.

Style Earth Precast strictly adheres to standard quality testing norms while manufacturing the reinforced Hume Pipes.

Hume Pipes

Salient Features of Style Earth Precast’s Hume Pipes

Style Earth employs state-of-the-art technology while designing the Hume Pipes

Our Hume pipes are contrived in the best way to fit the water drainage, sewerage, culverts, and irrigation

Fabricated with top-notch quality raw materials, it has robust construction for commercial and residential purposes

We fabricate a wide class of pipes such as light, medium, and heavy-duty Hume pipes with the optimum density of water and cement

Style Earth Precast's Hume pipes have distinct characteristics used in a multifarious range of applications such as commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. Our Hume pipes are copper-bottomed and are untroublesome to install

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