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Box Type Drainage Systems / Drains

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Box Type Drainage Systems / Drains

Style Earth Precast is the manufacturer of Box Type Drainage Systems in Chennai. Our drainage systems have been extensively designed and industrial uses across Tamil Nadu, including Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, and Hosur.

Style Earth Precast is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Box type drainage systems and drains in Chennai. It is widely developed for manure cleaning purposes. We have fabricated the Box-type drains with joint sedimentation and incorporated a tank to treat the household sewage. The lighter solids rise to the surface, whereas the heavier solids settle down in the tank. Style Earth Precast strictly adheres to standard quality testing disposition while manufacturing Box type drainage systems/drains.

Box Type Drainage Systems / Drains

Salient Features of Style Earth Precast’s Box Type Drainage Systems and Drains

Style Earth Precast offers a wide range of box-type drain tanks, including reinforced tanks and concrete tanks

Our box-type drain tanks help the water flow directly into the drainage

We offer customized box-type drain tanks with the desired sizes and dimensions following the customer's requirements

Fabricated box-type drain tanks by Style Earth Precast are easy to install in the drains and drainage

Our box-type drain tanks are used on the sides of the road to trap rainwater from getting onto the road

Style Earth Precast's box-type drainage systems/drains have distinct characteristics and are widely used in a variety of applications, including commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. We guarantee our box-type drain tanks are safe and easy to install

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